Our new Manitoba Ag Days Adventure Virtual Program is a two-part offering that provides interactive tools for students to discover the importance and impact of agriculture here in Canada and around the world.

Registration is now open!

Part 1: “Think Global – Agriculture & Our World”

A gamified learning experience linked to grade 7 Social Studies. During this experience students will:

  • Define agriculture
  • Explore Canada’s connection to the world through agricultural trade
  • Identify how agriculture and trade impact their personal lives
  • Compare population and land distribution across six continents
  • Describe the trends in world population growth and distribution and how agriculture has impacted and is impacted by these trends
  • Define food security
  • Describe food security in the six continents and discover agriculture’s role in improving food security

Part 2: “Act Local – Agriculture & Manitoba”

A video that introduces students to the depth of the agriculture industry in Manitoba by focusing on the diversity of agriculture careers available to your students no matter what their skills or interests.

The virtual Manitoba Ag Days Adventure can be delivered as either a:

  • Teacher-Led Classroom Experience
  • In-class Independent Student Learning Experience
  • Remote Student Learning Experience

A teacher’s guide with curriculum connections, lesson plans, and links to online materials and assessment tools will be provided to all registered teachers. In addition, to prepare you to use this resource, all registered teachers will be invited to attend a virtual session led by AITC-M for an overview of this new program, its resources, and tips on how to deliver it effectively to students.

Grade 7 teachers – register your class to experience our new MB Ag Days Adventure Virtual Program today!