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EngAGed Career Fair

2023 Impact Report

Dear Supporters

On November 22, 2023, Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba (AITC-M) took a significant step towards shaping the future of agriculture in our province and addressing the workforce gap in the industry, thanks to your invaluable support.

The EngAGed Career Fair emerged as a pivotal event, connecting Manitoba's agricultural employers with the next generation—our high school students.

These young individuals, tomorrow's voters, consumers, leaders, and potential agriculture professionals, discovered an array of roles and career paths within the agriculture and food sector, a critical industry needing to fill 123,000 jobs by 2029 to stay competitive.

EngAGed Career Fair

  • Participants: Students in Grades 9-12
  • Venue:Portage Collegiate Institute, Portage la Prairie
  • Date: November 22, 2023


  • AgriHub
  • AITC-Canada
  • AITC-Manitoba
  • Assiniboine Community College
  • Bayer Crop Science
  • Enns Brothers
  • Farm Credit Canada
  • Federated Co-op
  • Jonair
  • Manitoba Agriculture
  • Manitoba Association of Watersheds
  • Nutrien
  • Richardson Pioneer
  • ShurGro
  • Stride Credit Union
  • University of Manitoba Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Viterra


Students participating in career fair

Impact Numbers

  • 1,100 students (515 in attendance)
  • 33 teachers
  • 37 classrooms
  • 19 exhibits
  • 34 exhibitors
  • 7 staff

Quotes from Participants

“Very well organized and presented. All presenters seemed to be genuinely interested and enthusiastic in their roles.” 
- Peter Saunders, Grade 9/10 teacher, Prairie Collegiate Institute

“The thinkAG Career Fair was an excellent opportunity to connect with local students and share our passion for the industry and our jobs. AITC had the kids do a Holland Code career assessment which helped show them which careers they may be interested in. We got to do the assessment as well, and it was a great way to talk with the kids about what we had in common.” 
- Sadie De Jaegher, Exhibitor, Richardson Pioneer 

“While these students aren't yet those you'll be hiring, they will be in the next 4-5 years and if you don't show them all the aspects of agriculture they could consider as careers paths, they won't consider you as an employer when they are ready to enter the workforce. “ 
- Chris Budiwski, Exhibitor, Assiniboine Community College

“Finding an interactive activity that is related to your jobs or training program allows the students/individuals to focus on something other than standing awkwardly, listening to you talk. It is worth the effort to get creative and have something to show them to get the message across. This approach is sure to be appealing to all ages.” 
- Leanne Sprung, Exhibitor, Province of Manitoba - Agriculture

Students and exhibitors interacting at agriculture career fair

Post-Event Survey Results

All exhibitors who responded to our survey said they would attend another EngAGed Career Fair in the future, and rated the event as SOMEWHAT or VERY VALUABLE.

Teachers who responded to our survey said they valued the hands-on activities, interactive components and visual displays. 

68% of participating students responded to our survey:

Survey pie chart

93% of student respondents said their consideration for a career in agriculture INCREASED or remained the same after this event

When students were asked to name one career that stood out for them, here's how they answered:

Career word web

Photos & Video

Click on the button below to access and download photos and video from Dropbox. Permission has been grated for use of these photos. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact ryan@aitc.mb.ca.

Video: Our Career Fair in Fast Forward

About the EngAGed Career Fair Approach

Unlike traditional career fairs, the EngAGed Career Fair was designed to cater specifically to the interests and aspirations of Manitoba's youth, offering a glimpse into the diverse career opportunities within agriculture and food industries.

Through a customized career assessment, students explored careers aligned with their passions and skills, guided by Holland Codes. This personalized touch ensured a more meaningful and engaging experience for both students and exhibitors.

Exhibitors showcased not only the roles available but also provided insights into the educational pathways, salary expectations, and the impactful nature of these careers. Interactive activities further enriched the students' experience, making the ThinkAg Career Fair a unique and enlightening event.

This initiative is just the beginning. Aimed at sparking interest and awareness among Manitoba's students about rewarding careers in agriculture, the EngAGed Career Fair is set to be the first in a series of career fairs dedicated to nurturing the next generation of ag professionals. Our success depends on strong partnerships with the industry we serve. Together, we are filling the workforce gap.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all supporters for making this vision a reality and look forward to continuing this journey together, shaping a prosperous future for agriculture in Manitoba and beyond.

Students filling out Cultivate Your Career Resource

Partnerships help us grow

This amazing experience would not have been possible without your vision and commitment. We are inspired by your dedication and look forward to our continued partnership in nurturing the next generation of agriculture professionals.

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