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Professional Development

Upcoming PD Opportunities

We’d love to see you at MTS PD day on October 20, 2023.

We are running sessions at LIFT in Brandon (details below) and will have a booth at the Manitoba Social Science Teachers’ Association where educators can stop by and check out our many free resources.

2023 LIFT Conference

There are so many reasons to join us for LIFT. Here are just three! 

  1. Agriculture – we can’t live without it! It is the foundation of life, a pillar of Manitoba’s economy, stewards many hectares of our land and provides us with the food to sustain the health and well-being of our society.
  1. Agriculture connects everyone! Agriculture provides you and your students with the food they eat and the everyday products they use. And many, over 47,000 people, are employed in Manitoba’s agriculture industry which contributes nearly $13 billion to our economy.
  1. FREE Monday-morning ready, curriculum connected resources! We have resources for K – grade 12 that link to science, social studies, geography, career development, health, food & nutrition, ELA, math, art and more! Come and explore our learning kits, videos, gamified learning resources, and programs. Try them out. Take them home. Engage your students. Achieve your curriculum goals.

Join AITC-M staff Karen Hill, Curriculum Specialist, Adelle Gervin, Agriculture Careers Exploration Manager; Bianca Byers, Program Coordinator and special guest presenter, Lynn Nicol, Teacher, Crocus Plains High School and AITC-M Teacher Driver Award alumnus. 

We are presenting two half day sessions at LIFT. The morning session is for K - Grade 6 teachers. The afternoon session is for Grade 7-12 teachers — especially those who teach social studies, science, food and nutrition, health, and career development.

LIFT morning session for K – Grade 6 teachers

Date: October 20, 2023
Time: 9:00 – 11:30
Where: Room 225, Crocus Plains High School

K – Grade 6 Try and Take Resources include:

  • Manitoba Seed Kit
  • Innovation Match Up Game Kit
  • Health Foods from Healthy Farms Kit
  • Canola Crush Kit
  • Innovation Timeline Kit
  • Eat Well: Exploring Canada’s Food Guide Kit
  • Weather Game
  • Simple Machines are Everywhere on the Farm
  • Follow the Farmers video series
  • Little Green Sprouts and Little Green Thumbs in-class gardening program

LIFT afternoon session for Grades 7 – 12 teachers

Date: October 20, 2023
Time: 1:00 – 3:30
Where: Room 225, Crocus Plains High School
Of special interest to: social studies, geography, global issues, science, food and nutrition, career development teachers

Grades 7 -12 Try and Take Resources include:

  • Journey 2050 gamified learning
  • Think Global – Agriculture and Our World gamified learning
  • Guardians of the Grassland gamified learning
  • Career Case Game kit
  • Challenging Conditions
  • Little Green Thumbs in-class gardening 

We offer Manitoba K-12 educators professional development courses, seminars and webinars designed to foster agricultural literacy. Our professional development opportunities will connect you with agriculture professionals and let you experience our Monday morning ready, curriculum-linked classroom resources.

Learn more about agriculture literacy and our mission.

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