Manitoba Seed Kit Sponsor Resources

Manitoba Seed Kit Sponsor Resources

We can't thank you enough for your foundational support for the Manitoba Seed Kit! We hope the resources below will help you spread the word to your followers, customers or members about the great work you are doing to further ag education in our province. 

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Social Media Resources

You are doing a great thing by supporting ag education in Manitoba! It's important to let your people know about it! We've created some pre-made social media images, posts and a blurb and badge to use on your website. 

Hashtags & Handles

We would love if you could tag us in all your posts about your Manitoba Seed Kit support. Below are our social media handles, and the hashtags you can use in your post.

Twitter - @aitcmb
Instagram - @aitcmb
Facebook - Agriculture in the Classroom - Manitoba
LinkedIn - Agriculture in the Classroom - Manitoba

Hashtags - #MBSeedKit #CALM22

We often also use these hashtags on our posts: 
#MBag #MBfarmers #MBteachers #AgEducation

Graphics and Copy

Click the button below to download images to use when talking about your support for the Manitoba Seed Kit. You will notice some have blank space for you to insert your logo. 

Post #1

We are thrilled to announce our Foundational Sponsorship of the new Manitoba Seed Kit from @aitcmb! The new #MBSeedKit will be available to #MBteachers next March during #CALM22. 

Post #2

The #MBSeedKit will contain the seeds of 15 forage, fibre, food and feed crops grown in Manitoba. We are so proud to be a Foundational Sponsor of this important kit for educators and students! 

Post #3

We are excited to help students connect to agriculture and learn how to recognize crops grown in Manitoba, how crops are used and where they are processed, and why these crops are important to Manitoba and the world! That's why we are Foundational sponsors of the #MBSeedKit! 

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Articles & Blogs

Need a quote from AITC-M, additional information or photos for a story you're writing for your website or blog? Contact Jolene Olive, AITC-M's Communications Manager. 

See below for more information about the Manitoba Seed Kit that may be helpful.

About the Seed Kit

The new Manitoba Seed Kit will contain the seeds of 15 Manitoba fibre, forage, food and feed crops of provincial and/or national importance. Students and teachers will learn to recognize the crops, where they are grown, and processed in Manitoba, what they are used for, together with their nutritional properties, and their economic importance. The Seed Kit, available in French and English, will include a classroom book, a Teacher’s Guide and several classroom activities.


Food connects us all to agriculture. Now more than ever, young
people deserve to know where their food comes from. The Manitoba Seed Kit will:

  • Increase public awareness of the important role of agriculture in Manitoba’s economy
  • Build public trust for agriculture production and processing activities
  • Support agriculture development opportunities, such as skills development and promotion of career opportunities in the agriculture and agri-food industries.

For who?

The Manitoba Seed Kit Teacher’s Guide and classroom activities will contain curriculum connections for students in grades 3-6. We will reach close to 20,000 students in the first year alone. The kit will then be used year after year, exponentially increasing its reach.


The kit will first be distributed to grade 3-6 teachers who register for Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM) in March 2022. Following CALM, kits will be available to order on our website.


We are a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to developing curriculum-linked programs, resources and activities for teachers and students to learn more about the importance of agriculture in Manitoba. Visit to learn more.

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