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Little Green Sprouts

Les petits germina-pousses

Two early years students with plants in classroom

Who: Kindergarten to Grade 3 students in English and French
When: Year-round
Where: Your classroom 
Cost: Free
Registration: Opens May 1, closes May 31. All teachers will be contacted by June 14, 2024 as to whether they have been accepted into the program or not. Please note that Little Green Sprouts is only available to classroom schools.

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Little Green Spouts (LGS) is our small classroom gardening program. It is perfect for younger grades, with the fast growing cycles and simple classroom set-up. You can grow microgreens, lettuce, herbs and other greens with your indoor garden in 2-5 weeks. Your small classroom garden will need a 1.5 x 0.5 m (3’ x 2’) space and have close access to an electrical outlet.

We provide you with lighting equipment, growing trays, soil, seeds, a teacher's manual and training. You commit to a half day of training (either in-person or online) — completing the annual survey and sharing the learnings that come from the program and students.

The LGS program remains with you for as long as you are a teacher or are able to use it in your classrooms. Since the program is attached to you instead of your school, if you change schools the program — with all its equipment and supplies — travels with you. We provide annual supplies, support and training for as many years as you are with us and our program.

Applications for both the Little Green Thumbs and Little Green Sprouts classroom gardening programs are competitive! We always have more teachers applying to the programs than we have funds for. So, pour yourself a coffee or tea, find a quiet spot and provide us with the best application you can on why you should get a garden. We are looking for teachers who are keen to offer hands-on, year-round agriculture and food learning opportunites for their students.

To learn more about the Little Green Sprouts national program we offer, go to the Little Green Sprouts webpage.

For resources on classroom gardening, head to our resources section

Would a Little Green Thumbs garden be better for your class? The chart below might help you decide!

With support from Little Green Thumbs National, Nutrien, TD Friends of the Environment, Telus Friendly Future Foundation, Federated Co-op, and AITC-M’s partners.

There were so many moments of wonder, discovery and celebration throughout the growing periods. Each child tried microgreens in a salad and the next round in a sandwich...two of our favourite days!!!

I can’t say enough good things about this experience! It was rich with opportunities for authentic, meaningful learning and it brought true joy to each of us!!!

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Kira Rowat
Program Manager

K 1 2 3
Science Math Social Studies Career Development Geography
English French