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Our Story

Imagine a future where all Manitobans are connected to agriculture

Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba (AITC-M) envisions a future where:

  • Every student knows where and how their food is grown
  • Every teacher has the tools to inspire tomorrow's innovators, consumers and decision-makers
  • Every Manitoban understands the issues and challenges our province's largest industry faces in its efforts to nourish the world safely and sustainably

We are a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to developing curriculum-linked programs, resources and activities for teachers and students to learn more about the importance of agriculture in Manitoba.

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Our Mission

To develop and deliver accurate, balanced and current agriculture literacy programs and resources to Manitoba schools so that educators and students understand the value of agriculture to society and become informed consumers and decision-makers.

Our Vision

All Manitoba educators and students understand and value the contribution of agriculture to society.

Our Approach

We follow the ABCs

We strive to be ACCURATE, BALANCED and CURRENT in everything we do. This allows students to develop critical-thinking skills related to agriculture, food, fibre, bio-products and life sciences.

We offer customized, curriculum-linked programs and resources

We offer a variety of programming designed to create links between agriculture and Manitoba curriculum.

We foster agricultural literacy

An agriculturally literate citizen understands where their food comes from, the important role agriculture plays in their everyday lives, and the relationship between agriculture and:

  1. The environment
  2. Food, fibre and energy
  3. Animals
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Technology
  6. The economy

We call these the Six Pillars of Agricultural Literacy. These Pillars guide our program and resource offerings for every grade level, help us measure our success, and coordinate our efforts with teachers and industry partners.

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AITC-M Values

We are committed to:


We strive for excellence in delivering accurate, balanced and current resources and programming to Manitoba schools, making learning fun, interactive and accessible.


We operate with integrity, especially as it relates to the accuracy and balance of the information we share with educators and students. We treat all stakeholders with respect.


We are devoted to providing enriching learning experiences to educators and students, with the goal to encourage critical thinking. Every offering fits within the Manitoba curriculum and helps students advance through the Pillars of Agricultural Literacy.


We are accountable to our stakeholders in Manitoba schools, our members, volunteers and sponsors. We communicate openly and transparently, ensuring information is readily available and accessible.


We are passionate about agriculture and enthusiastically embrace opportunities to share the story of agriculture with educators and students at all stages of learning and development. We pledge to go the extra mile to create fun, memorable experiences.

Agriculture in the Classroom - Canada

AITC-M is a proud member of Agriculture in the Classroom - Canada

Our Impact

Agriculture in the Classroom–Manitoba (AITC-M) has been operating since 1988.

In 2021 we reached a record number of teachers, students and schools!

56,491 Students

416 Schools

1,126 Teachers

38 New Curriculum-Linked Resources & Activities

7,725 Resource Downloads