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Invest in the Future of Agriculture

At Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba (AITC-M), we believe in the power of education to shape the future of agriculture. By donating to AITC-M, you help us reach more educators and students, ensuring that the next generation understands and values the importance of agriculture.

Your Impact

With your support, we delivered over 407,000 engaging student experiences in 2023. (Check out our annual report!) Our programs and resources empower educators to teach agricultural concepts, fostering a deeper connection to agriculture among students.

Why Donate?

  • Expand Our Reach: Your donation helps us extend our programs to more schools and communities across Manitoba.
  • Support Educators: Provide teachers with the tools and resources they need to incorporate agriculture into their curriculum.
  • Inspire the Future: Ensure that the next generation appreciates and engages with the agricultural industry.

Donation Tiers

  • Individual Partner: A donation of $50 or more makes you an individual or not-for-profit partner of AITC-M for one year.
  • Corporate Partner: A donation of $500 or more makes your organization a corporate partner of AITC-M for one year.

Join Us

Invest in the future of agriculture by becoming a donor today. Together, we can sow the seeds of education for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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Our Growth in 2023

In the heart of Manitoba, a movement is underway to sow the seeds of agricultural literacy in the minds of young Manitobans.

Powered by passionate staff, volunteers, educators, and partners in government and industry, this movement is inspiring the next generation to understand and value the industry that feeds Manitoba and the world.

Our mission has never been more vital, and the achievements of 2023 stand as a testament to the collective efforts of supporters like you who bring our vision to life in classrooms across the province.

407, 314 Student Experiences

37,647 students 28,580 in 2022

459 Schools 437 schools in 2022

2,000 Teachers 1,244 in 2022