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Too few Manitoba students and teachers understand the importance of agriculture in their lives — but they’re hungry to learn. That's why we’re here.

We need your help to meet the growing demand.

Help build awareness and understanding of agriculture through education. Your donation to Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba will:

  1. Help plant the seeds of agricultural literacy in every classroom in our province.
  2. Grow knowledge about Manitoba’s largest industry in the minds of tomorrow’s consumers, educators, innovators and decision-makers.
  3. Meet increasing demand from teachers for accurate, balanced and current agriculture programs, tools and resources linked to Manitoba curriculum.

Since 1988, we’ve shared Manitoba’s agriculture story with more teachers and in more classrooms every year.

Your donation makes you a Member!

Every gift of over $50 or more makes you a member of AITC-M. As a member, you will receive:

  • An invitation to participate in a yearly focus group on agriculture education.
  • Recognition as a member in our Annual Report.
  • A quarterly member-only e-newsletter to show you how your support is making a difference.
  • AGM nominating and voting privileges.
  • Board member position opportunities.
  • Knowledge that you are growing Agriculture Literacy in Manitoba.

More ways to give

  • Make a gift in memory of someone special.
  • Make a gift in honour of an event or your class.
  • Corporate giving & sponsorship opportunities
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Executive Director
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Our Growth in 2022

Growing connections helps us achieve more together. In 2022, with the help of our amazing partners, we were able to expand our reach to more teachers, students, volunteers, and agriculture professionals than ever before. This growth meant that we could provide even more exciting resources, professional development opportunities, and hands-on learning experiences. 

With your continued support, we can shape a generation of informed decision-makers, voters, consumers, and agriculture champions who are ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

184,063 Student Experiences

28,580 students 11,927 in 2020

437 Schools 219 schools in 2020

1,244 Teachers 519 in 2020