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Classroom Gardening

Source: Agriculture in the Classroom - Manitoba

Three early years students watching sprouting plants in classroom

Are you interested in growing food with your students in the classroom or at your school? We have programs and resources that will spark curiosity, engagement and unique learning opportunities for students (and teachers!) of all ages and abilities. 

Classroom and school gardens provide hands-on, inquiry-based learning opportunities that not only deepen curricular connections but also the connections students have with each other, themselves, and the community around them. 

Classroom Gardening Programs

Little Green Sprouts and Little Green Thumbs are classroom gardening programs that offer tangible learning experiences in agriculture, environmental stewardship, food security, community interdependence and healthy eating, while meeting curricular outcomes in core subject areas (science, math, language arts, social studies and health). We provide equipment and supplies, training, support, and learning resources to help you bring your curriculum to life.

Which program is best for you and your classroom?

Little Green Sprouts: tabletop set-up; short growing cycles; younger grades (K - Gr. 3)
Little Green Thumbs: utility cart set-up; longer growing cycles; older grades (Gr 3+)

School Gardening Resources

To access teaching resources from the Little Green Thumbs national program we offer, go to the Little Green Thumbs webpage.

School and classroom gardening grants

How can you get your classroom or school garden funded? Here are some grants available to schools across Canada.

Indoor garden equipment and supplies

Peavey Mart – LED + fluorescent kits, systems and DIY options
Lee Valley – LED kits and systems
Veseys  - LED + fluorescent kits and systems and DIY options 
Tower Garden – Vertical hydroponic garden kit
Garden Tower – Vertical garden and vermicomposting kit
Local greenhouse, or hardware store

Little Green Thumbs 4:59 minutes

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