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Our Supporters

Our supporters are the sunshine that helps us grow!

Because of our generous financial supporters, we are able to deliver our mission to bring accurate, balanced and current agriculture literacy programs and resources to Manitoba schools. With the partnership of these amazing commodity organizations, industry partners, government and individuals, we are able to reach over 35,000 students – and counting – each and every year.

Thank you for helping bring agriculture literacy to classrooms across Manitoba.

Innovator $100K - $249,999

AGvocator $50K - $99,999

Cultivator 20k+

Core 15K - $19,999

Patron 10K+ -$14,999

Builder (5K+ - 9,999)

Man/Sask Cattlemens Golf Tournament

Supporter ($100 - $249)

Aaron Brown

Adrien Caillier/A.R.K. New-Tech

Allison & Richard Leclerc

Baret Easter

Bill Anderson

Bob Bartley

Bob Williamson

Bonnie Bain

Brad & Sandi Knight

Brian Murray

Bruce & Carol Dalgarno

Carolyn Wilson

Donald & Daphne Johnson

Edward Cook

Gail Hall

Gina Anderson

Grace & Matthew Wedlake


Hometown Service Ltd

J & V Pedersen Ltd

Janelle Kaminsky

Jason McIntosh

Kelly Green

Kevin Hamblin

Laura Holtmann

Laurel Hyde

Laurel Lyons

Leanne Campbell

Lesia (Alexandra) Payne

Manitoba Women's Institute

Marc Hutlet Seeds

Margaret Smith

Martin Farms Ltd

McCutcheon Farms Ltd

Municipality of Brenda-Waskada

Municipality of Lorne

Municipality of North Cypress-Langford

Northeast Red Watershed District

Patsy Michiels

Prairie Fruit Growers Association

Redfern Farm Services Ltd

Rick Phillips

RM of Minto-Odanah

RM of Pipestone

RM of Roland

RM of Ste Anne

Roland Air Spray

Ron & Carol Brand

Ryan Fouillard

Scheurer Farms Ltd

Seed-Ex Inc

Shelley Bartley

Shelley Cure

Shirley & Ken McKenzie

Souris River Watershed District

WB Whitehead Farms

Stephen & Carolyn Biggar

Friend ($20 - $99)

Al Raine

Allan Calder

Andrew Dickson

Andy & Stacie Cardy

Assiniboine Hills Conservation District

Barry & Johanne Ross

Barry McNabb

Basswood Womens Institute

Beauchemin Enterprises

Bernie Funk

Bill Ross & Jocelyn Peifer Ross

Bob Horsman

Barry & Johanne Ross

Barry McNabb

Basswood Womens Institute

Beauchemin Enterprises

Bernie Funk

Bill Ross & Jocelyn Peifer Ross

Bob Horsman

Boerchers Farms Ltd

Brenda Mutcher

Brian Kenyon

Brian Nedohin

Broomhill Women's Institute

Bruce Montgomery

Carol Jackson

Cathey Day

Cheryl Mayer Hrushowy

Clayton Robins

Cliff Cullen

Colpitts Farm Ltd

Corie & Neil Arbuckle

Corin Raine

Crystal City-Clearwater Agricultural Society

Crystal Jorgenson

Curtis McRae

D Mack Farms Ltd

Darrell & Patricia Friesen

Delwyn & Heather Fraser

Diane & David Wreford

Diane Peckover-Hayward

Dianne Riding

Doug Chorney

Dwight & Leah Willoughby

Edward Tyrchniewicz

Elizabeth Wilson

Ellen Pruden

Emily Boonstra


Finlay Farms 89 Ltd

Frances & Lorne Radcliffe

Gail Eckert

Gina Sunderland

Henry Farms Ltd

Henry Holtmann

Herbsigwil Ltd

Ian Brown

Isabella Women's Institute

J G Putnam

James Swan Ltd

Jenelle Hamblin

Jessica Brady

Jillian Krahn

JoAnne Buth

Jodee Karlowsky

John Chorney Farms Ltd

John Peach

Jolene Olive

Jon Lewis (Jon Co Inc)

Judy Wilson

Juliana Baird

Karen Hill

Katharine Cherewyk

Katherine Stanley

Kathleen Hall

Keith & Lee Anne Murphy

Kelly Funke

Kenton & Marla Johnston

Kevin McCallum

Kristine Blair

Leanne Sprung

Les & Celeste Felsh

Les & Diane Mauthe

Livingston Family Farms Inc

Lloyd & Joan Atchison

MacNair Farms Ltd

Marilyn Kenny

Martin Leyenhorst

Marvin & Margaret Elder

Mary & Gordon McPhee

Mary Paziuk

Maureen Cousins

McGill Family Farms

Mile 30 Farms Ltd

Municipality of Louise

Murray Froebe

Oakdale Farms

O Wolfe Grain Farms Ltd

P & D Froese Farm Ltd

Patrick Comte

Patti McKenzie

Redview Farms Ltd

Rick Vaags

Rivers Agricultural Society

Rivers Women's Institute

Robert & Charlene Graham

Rutter Farms

Scott Van Alstyne

Sheena Pitura

Stoesz Acres Ltd

Talbot & Theresa Bergsma

Theresa Bolton

Tim Rollheiser

Tim Winter

Timothy Swynar

Tiny Creek Farms Ltd

Todd Hyra

Tracy Gilson

Van Aert Farms

Wentworth Ag Inc

Westlake Watershed District

Woodmore Women's Institute

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