Agriculture in the Classroom

Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (March 2019)

Register by January 25th


Celebrate Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM) with a 60-minute classroom visit where your students will meet a local farmer or agricultural industry representative, do a hands-on agriculture activity, have a book read to them and learn where food comes from. The program is geared towards Grades 2-6 and has direct links to ELA, health, social studies and science. 

Program details:
Who: Grades 2-6
When: March 2019
Where: Your Classroom
Time: 30 mins - 1 hr
Cost: Free
Registration Status: Open

Visits from French-speaking volunteers are available but are not guaranteed as it is dependent on volunteer availability. Les visites de bénévoles francophones sont disponibles mais ne sont pas garanties (selon la disponibilité des bénévoles).

Click here to register for CALM. If you have any questions, please contact CALM Program Manager, Kira Rowat, at

With financial support from Agriculture in the Classroom Canada and Cargill.

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Kira Rowat

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