Did you know that 1 in 8 jobs in the Canadian workforce are in agriculture and food? In Manitoba, it’s 1 in 4!

All ten AITC organizations across Canada are focused on bringing valuable resources to teachers and career counsellors about how students can take advantage of all these opportunities when they graduate. That focus comes into the limelight during November, which is Canada Career Month!

Here are five ways you can take part in Canada Career Month, either as a teacher, an AITC-M member or someone who works in the industry.

1. Order a Career Case kit for free

A career in agriculture and food is so much more than what happens on the farm. Show your Grade 9-12 classroom the diversity and importance of careers in ag with Career Case, while supporting students in recognizing how their skills and interests can fit into careers in the industry.

Learn more about the Career Case game and order your kit, in English or French, for free!

2. Download the thinkAG 30-day Challenge Calendar

Take the challenge of bringing your classroom career exploration activities each day! This 30-day calendar is available in both English and French.

3. Download thinkAG’s NEW self-interest assessment app Kareero, launching November 22

Kareero, powered by thinkAG, offers an immersive experience where students are tasked with developing a garden. By making different choices along the way, students will discover their interests and along with the thinkAG website, get them to explore careers that match those interests.

Kareero is set to launch on social media on November 22, so keep your eyes peeled on @aitcmb channels.

4. Register your high school class for a Career Case or Explore Digital Ag presentation

A Career Case presentation, for Grades 9-12, features a facilitated version of the kit mentioned above. Get a first-hand look at the learning experience, as students explore their interests and learn about the diversity of career opportunities in agrifood.

Register for a Career Case presentation.

Explore Digital Agriculture, for Grades 10-12, features an AITC staff member or representative sharing their career journey before exploring the many exciting tools and technologies used in agriculture and food production. Students work collaboratively to solve real-life agriculture challenge using this newfound knowledge.

Register for a Explore Digital Ag presentation.

5. Amplify the thinkAG message with #IAmAgriculture

AITC-C is launching a new campaign for this year’s Canada Career Month called I Am Agriculture. Those in the agriculture and food industry are encouraged to share the important role they play in this vital sector with #IAmAgriculture. Tag @aitcmb on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn so we can help share the message that agriculture is a welcoming and thriving industry.

Career Month runs from November 1st to 30th. Follow along with #CareerMonth to learn more.