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Healthy Foods From Healthy Farms

Des aliments sains provenant de fermes saines

Source: Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba


Healthy Foods From Healthy Farms materials spread on black background, including fortune teller and folding plate activity sheets

Healthy Foods from Healthy Farms is available for Grades 1-3 and for Grades 3-5. 

This resource includes:

  • A 3-part video (below), that will take your students on a journey behind the scenes of a favourite snack (crackers, cheese and carrots) to meet some of the Manitoba farmers and processors who grow and process your food.
  • An activity which gives students the opportunity to create a healthy snack using Canada’s new Food Guide while learning about the farmers who grow the food and the people who process the food. This activity is available as a:
    • Class Kit which comes with a teacher guide and enough activity sheets and sticker sheets for 25 students. Order below.
    • A downloadable resource. Click the button to download a folder with everything you need to deliver the activity in French or English to your students!

Healthy Foods from Healthy Farms (16:32)

Des Aliments Sains de Fermes Saine (16:32)

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