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This December, your donation counts twice thanks to MacDon!

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Double the Impact of Your Donation!

This December, your generosity reaches farther. Thanks to a matching pledge from MacDon Industries, every dollar you give to AITC-M will be doubled, up to $10,000. Double your impact, double the difference.

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Discover how your donation directly contributes to our most critical needs and goals for the upcoming year: 

Sprout New Ideas

Your $100 gift will help us get Sprout Head Growing Kits into 3 new classrooms a playful and educational activity that shows early years students how to quickly grow micro-greens they can eat in a container they get to personalize! 

Protect Our Watersheds

Your gift of $50 will support a new hands-on resource kit for students in early and middle years that explore our urban and rural watersheds and their relationship to producing food. Students will learn what agricultural producers and processors are doing to conserve and steward this precious resource. 

Spark Digital Discovery

Your donation of $100 can light up a classroom by helping us develop a new classroom kit for our Explore Digital Agriculture program. Give middle school students the gift of learning about the cutting-edge intersection of technology and farming, inspiring future careers in this vital and evolving field. 

Empower Tomorrow's Scientists
FULLY FUNDED! Thank you, FP Genetics!

We need $12,000 to help us get 50 CRISPR gene-editing activity kits into high school classrooms. Your donation in any amount helps students understand advances in plant breeding and the role of genetic engineering in modern agricultural practices. 

Feed Minds, Not Landfills

We need $9,000 to help us get 200 copies of Follow the Food: Exploring Food Waste and Food Loss, an essential early year’s learning kit where students discover the role agriculture plays in reducing food losses and their role in reducing food waste.  

Bridge Language Barriers

Did you know that 17% of Manitoba students study in French? Your gift of $1000 will help us towards our goal of $16,000 to get our first middle years French resource into classrooms. Please help us relaunch our online game Think Global: Agriculture and Our World so our French students can explore global agricultural trade and food security. 

Inspire Through Stories

Educators and students love books – and so do we. Your gift of $3,000 will allow us to distribute 400 agriculture-themed storybooks and fuel young imaginations during Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month in March 2024.

Shape the Future You

Your $350 donation this December will fund a classroom Career Case Presentation, showing high school students the exciting paths they can take in agriculture and food based on what they love. Help shape their future and the future of our industry! 

Drive Discovery

This December, your $300 donation can bring a whole classroom closer to adventure by covering the cost of a bus ride to one of our field trips. Help ensure every student has the chance to explore and learn beyond the classroom walls, connecting them directly with the wonders of agriculture. 

Plant the Seed of Curiosity

Your generous donation of $1,000 delivers a Little Green Sprouts garden into an early year's classroom. Foster a love for indoor gardening and sow the foundations of agricultural literacy and environmental stewardship from an early age.  

Cultivate Indoor Farmers

Your $5,000 donation transforms a classroom into a thriving indoor vegetable garden. Our Little Green Thumbs gardens empower teachers and students to explore agriculture throughout the year in all areas of curriculum. 

Empower Educators

Your $2,000 contribution this December can broaden horizons for Manitoba teachers through our professional development workshops. Join us in empowering more educators to bring the vital lessons of agriculture into their classrooms, enriching the educational journey for countless students. 

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Every donation over $50 not only contributes to our mission but also offers you benefits: tax receipts, voting rights at our AGM, opportunities to join our board, invitations to exclusive events, and more.

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