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Farm Help Wanted

Source: Rathgeber Resources, Teachers Pay Teachers, Manitoba Canola Growers


Farm Help Wanted teacher guide cover on green and yellow gradient background

This Grade 3 and 4 Manitoba curriculum-connected resource allows students to experience what it is like to work on a Canadian grain farm.

Students will be guided through activities to:

  • Use math skills to layout their fields
  • Read descriptions of different crops grown in Canada and match those to pictures based on the description.
  • Read and chart information about different soil types.
  • Explore the different stages of growth for Canada's #1 crop, Canola.
  • Investigate possible solutions to soil erosion from a farmer’s point of view.
  • Learn about farm equipment used in grain farming.
  • Engage with a farmer if the class chooses to take part in the bonus activity.

Developed by a Manitoba teacher and provided free to teachers by Manitoba Canola Growers via Teachers Pay Teachers.

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