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Agriculture Reporter

Source: Rathgeber Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers


Agriculture Reporter teacher guide cover on green and yellow gradient background

This Grade 5 & 6 Manitoba curriculum based resource puts students into the shoes of a new agriculture reporter. They will learn about agriculture while they search for the next big news story for their editor. 

Students will be guided through activities to: 

  • Read and problem solve to classify different Canadian crops. 
  • Use multi-step math skills to figure out how much seed is needed to plant each of the farmer’s fields. 
  • Explore charts and graphs to answer questions around how well the farmers' crops yielded. 
  • See simple machines in action on the farm and explore what makes them work. 
  • Finally layout and write a cover worthy story relating to agriculture that will keep readers engaged and informed. 

Developed by a Manitoba teacher and provided free to teachers by Manitoba Canola Growers via Teachers Pay Teachers.

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