Who: Kindergarten to Grade 2 students
When: Year-round
Where: Your classroom 
Cost: Free*
Apply: Currently closed. Check back in Fall 2022.

Little Green Spouts (LGS) is our small classroom gardening program. It is perfect for younger grades, with the fast, growing cycles and simple classroom set-up. You can grow microgreens, lettuce, herbs and other greens with your indoor garden in 2-5 weeks. Your small classroom garden will need a 1.5 x 0.5 m (3’ x 2’) space and have close access to an electrical outlet.

You receive lighting equipment, growing trays, soil, seeds, and a teacher’s manual. We provide in-person and online training session on how to have a successful classroom garden and ideas towards curricular connections and activities in the classroom. 

To learn more about the Little Green Sprouts national program we offer, go to the Little Green Sprouts webpage.

For resources on classroom gardening, head to our resources section

With support from: Little Green Thumbs National, Nutrien, Cargill, Federated Co-op, and AITC-M’s annual donors.

There were so many moments of wonder, discovery and celebration throughout the growing periods. Each child tried microgreens in a salad and the next round in a sandwich...two of our favourite days!!!

I can’t say enough good things about this experience! It was rich with opportunities for authentic, meaningful learning and it brought true joy to each of us!!!