Karis Hutlet works with the one of the most important elements of agriculture – the seeds.

Karis is an agronomist, someone who works to keep seeds and crops producing properly. She has worked for Marc Hutlet Seeds for over three years and works with over 200 farms.

“Being in charge of the seeds that make it all happen is a big responsibility.”

Karis shares her knowledge of seeds, crops, pesticides, and GMOs with the students at many AITC events like Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM), and the Amazing Agriculture Adventure (AAA). When she first started volunteering, she noticed that a lot of people didn’t know what an agronomist was. She made it her mission to help teach the importance of seeds.

“I love it, it’s something to be proud of,” says Karis. “Being able to be a part of something that is so important yet so undiscovered is cool – being able to share that with others is even cooler.”

When events were cancelled due to COVID-19, Karis didn’t want her students to miss out on learning about the importance of agriculture. She made a video about her role as an agronomist, and the importance of knowing where food comes from. Her students watched it and they loved it. She did not want to miss an opportunity to share her knowledge.

“There’s a lot of work to do,” says Karis. “It makes you think about what you do, and the message you send to the kids.”

Larissa Peitsch, Volunteer and Program Manager with AITC-M says Karis’ attitude and knowledge makes her a great volunteer and educator.

“Karis is such a wonderful addition to our AITC-M volunteer team. Her engaging personality, knowledge and love for agriculture shines when you see her interacting with students. We are so fortunate that she gives her time to helping educate students on where their food comes from,” says Peitsch.

Karis encourages students to keep learning about the importance of farming, and to be inspired by the agriculture industry.

“You can be young and be in agriculture, or you can be a girl and be a farmer. You can do whatever you want. Don’t let anyone stop you.”

We are so happy to have volunteers like Karis on our team! Check out the video she made for CALM all about her role in agriculture, and a reading of the book "Reggie’s Technology Adventure". Thanks, Karis!