Agriculture in the Classroom – Manitoba expresses gratitude towards the Government of Manitoba for their generous funding of $400,000 under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP). This timely investment serves as a testament to the shared commitment of AITC-M and the provincial government towards educating future generations about the significant role of agriculture in our lives and the economy.

“AITC-M’s education programs are pivotal in increasing understanding and trust in the agriculture and agri-food sector,” says Minister of Agriculture, Derek Johnson. “In bringing agriculture directly to our young people, they help lay the foundation for the next generation of producers, researchers, and agri-foods innovators.”

This contribution signifies more than just financial support; it emphasizes the essential partnership between education and agriculture. It underscores the mission of AITC-M to connect K-12 students to agriculture — including how it impacts their daily lives, how to think critically about industry issues, and how many career opportunities exist in Manitoba and Canada.

“This investment is a step towards realizing a future where Manitoba educators have high-quality resources and direct experiences for their students that connects them to agriculture and increases their knowledge of the industry,” says Katharine Cherewyk, Executive Director of AITC-M. “This knowledge empowers students to make informed decisions that not only impacts their personal lives in the future but also contributes significantly to the success of the agri-food industry.”

The Sustainable CAP is a five-year, $3.5 billion investment supported by Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments. It aims to bolster Canada’s agri-food and agri-products sectors, including a $221 million agreement for strategic agricultural initiatives in Manitoba.

“AITC-M also would like to extend deep gratitude towards our long-term partners for making this funding possible,” says Laura Holtmann, Chair of the AITC-M Board of Directors. “Their unwavering support has empowered us to reach more educators over the years. In particular, the hard work of the team at Keystone Agricultural Producers assisted greatly through expanding the advocacy capacity of AITC-M by facilitating discussions with the appropriate government stakeholders.”

As AITC-M looks ahead, this investment will go a long way in creating more high-quality resources, reducing program waitlists, and ushering an exciting phase for Manitoba educators and students interested in bridging the gap between the farm and the classroom.