A warm welcome to the newest member of our AITC-M team, Ryan McBride! Ryan brings years of experience as a professional communicator to his new role, as well as expertise in fundraising and development communications for organizations spanning a wide range of industries, including education and agriculture. He's excited to put his storytelling and strategic communications skills to work building and strengthening relationships with our partners.

Get to know a bit more about Ryan in our Q&A.

What's been your career path to date?

My first summer job while pursuing my communications diploma was with the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Manitoba — literally my first experience with ag. And I loved it — the people, their passion, and their dedication to this incredible industry. From there, my career took me through all kinds of corporate and non-profit communications roles, and then I ran my own writing/communications business for several years, specializing more and more in the fundraising and development side of communications. When this amazing opportunity came up at AITC-M, I had to go for it. It really brings together everything that excites me most in my professional life.

How do you envision your role with AITC-M and what excites you about working here?

It’s all about forming, nurturing and growing relationships. AITC-M thrives thanks to strong partnerships with supporters who really believe in the work we’re doing. We’ve got big plans ahead, and I’m excited to put my background in storytelling and strategic communications to work creating opportunities to transform those ideas into reality. It helps a lot that I really love this amazing team!

How do you personally connect with the vision of AITC-M that every student graduates with agriculture literacy?

I’m the perfect example of the city kid who grew up not knowing where the food on his plate came from. Having worked with AITC-M for years as a freelancer, what I’ve learned has really opened my eyes to the crucial role agriculture plays in so many areas of my life. Our world faces difficult challenges in the years ahead, and Manitoba’s ag industry is uniquely positioned to take a leading role in innovative, sustainable approaches to feeding the world. I want to be part of that.