Our national partner and umbrella organization, Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C), is joining in the Canadian Career Development Foundation’s Career Month celebrations for the first time ever this November. Thanks to AITC-C’s thinkAG career initiative, there are lots of exciting offerings to highlight for teachers and students across the country. This year’s Career Month theme is It’s Possible — and AITC-C will be featuring a new game, app, and a series of expos/competitions designed to help students and teachers explore the exciting possibilities for meaningful work in agriculture and food. 

Career Case Game

This new career resource will be available to teachers across Canada through their provincial organization, including AITC-M, starting in November.

Career Case demonstrates the diversity, variety, and importance of careers in agriculture while supporting students in recognizing how their skills and interests can fit into ag and food careers. Working in groups, students must choose the right career to solve a series of cases. To succeed, they need to demonstrate effective decision making, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, communicating, presenting, problem finding and solving, flexibility, creativity, negotiation, and more.

The Career Case game kit comes ready to use with all materials included.

Kareero App

AITC-C will be piloting Kareero, an interactive self-interest assessment app, with teachers and students during Career Month. Kareero offers an immersive experience where students are faced with developing a garden. Based on student choices and actions, their interest areas are determined to offer them insight on careers tailored to them.

thinkAG Career Expos and Competitions

These career events feature learning stations led by members of the agriculture and food community to help students explore the diverse career options available in the industry. In 2021-22, several provinces will be offering this event to teachers and students, either in person or virtually. AITC-M plans to take part in Spring 2022 – stay tuned for details!

thinkAG Website

The thinkAG website is a one-stop shop for agriculture and food career resources for students, teachers, parents, and ag and food industry members! Visit the Partners page to find out how you can get involved.

Interested in having your career featured on thinkAG.ca? Fill out the Career Spotlight Form, or encourage someone you know working in a cool ag and food career to share their story with students!

Find out more

For more info on any career initiatives, contact AITC-C’s thinkAG Manager, Shayla Hertz at shertz@aitc-canada.ca  

Follow along with AITC-C and other education and industry stakeholders using #CareerMonth - and make sure to encourage students to #thinkAG for their future!

Through thinkAG, AITC-C strives to increase awareness and cultivate curiosity in agriculture and food careers among teens across the country by connecting educators, parents and our sector partners with learning tools and interactive experiences that are curriculum-linked.