Agriculture will be celebrated in classrooms across Manitoba this March, as Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM) / Mois de la litératie agricole canadienne (MLAC) returns. This year, nearly 7,400 Manitoba students in 345 classrooms will participate in Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba’s (AITC-M) flagship program.

“We are thrilled to see the continued growth of CALM, as 13 more educators will see their students receive in-person classroom visits this year over last,” says Katharine Cherewyk, Executive Director of AITC-M.

“March is an incredible month for bringing our future generation of decision-makers closer to those who produce their food. With in-person visits spanning Carman to The Pas, in French and English-speaking classrooms, in urban and rural settings — I’m sure that the connections and stories from this year’s CALM will be inspiring.”

With the goal of connecting students with farmers and other agriculture industry professionals, CALM is a national celebration to share Canada’s rich agriculture and food story with students. This year, 155 agriculture industry volunteers — five more than in 2023 — will visit French and English-speaking classrooms in Manitoba, bringing their experiences and stories, a hands-on activity and an agriculture-themed book to students in Grades 2, 3 and 4.

“Every CALM volunteer brings their own experience to their presentation,” says Cherewyk. “We are humbled that so many amazing individuals in the agri-food industry share our vision of the program — creating high-quality, fun and educational visits that leave an impact on students.”

This year’s CALM focus in Manitoba is on Caring for Our Watersheds. Students will explore what watersheds are and how they function, while being introduced to what farmers do to keep our water clean and ensure the sustainability of our watersheds.

CALM is an initiative of Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C). Now in its 13th year, it celebrates linking students to food producers and leaders in the agriculture industry so the next generation of Canadians not only knows where their food comes from, but also the importance of the sector to communities from coast to coast.

“We want to cultivate curiosity and encourage students to learn more about where their food comes from,” says Mathieu Rouleau, Executive Director of AITC-C. “CALM is a great opportunity to connect students with agriculture and share Canada’s amazing agriculture and food story.”

Cargill is the presenting partner for CALM and a valued supporter of AITC-C.

“The education of the next generation of agricultural leaders is vital in maintaining Canada’s strong leadership position in the global food system,” said Jeff Vassart, President, Cargill Canada. “We at Cargill are honoured to continue our support of CALM, and we share its mission of inspiring students to pursue careers that help feed the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way.” 

Last year, Agriculture in the Classroom organizations from coast to coast created over 184,000 student experiences during CALM. Hundreds of industry volunteers will visit K-12 classes across Canada again this March to share presentations, activities and personal stories to help students learn more about agriculture.

About Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba (AITC-M)

AITC-M is dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation about agriculture and its importance. Through innovative educational programs and resources, AITC-M connects Manitoba's youth with the agricultural sector, fostering a deeper understanding of where their food comes from.

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