At the 2021 AITC-M Annual General Meeting, we announced upcoming changes to our Board of Directors. 

Edward Cook, Treasurer of the Board, will retire at the end of his current term after serving on the Board for nine years; six of those as Finance Chair. 

As a farmer, Edward has informed and educated the public on what and how we produce the food we eat. "I feel that being a part of AITC-M is a great way of doing this!" he said.

We thank Edward for his outstanding contribution to the organization. His leadership, encouragement, and keen attention to detail will certainly be missed.

Landon Friesen, Producer on the Board of Directors, will also be retiring after serving as a Board Member for the past four-years. Landon's insightful contributions around the board table and advocacy for AITC-M within the community have been most valuable.

We wish both Edward and Landon the very best, and we thank them for their dedication. We know they’ll continue to advocate for #AgEducation in Manitoba and stay involved with the organization in some capacity.

New Board Members

We're pleased to announce the appointment of Brent Derkatch and Jennifer McCombe-Theroux, to the AITC-M board.

Brent joined CANTERRA SEEDS in 2001 and today is in the role of Director, Pedigreed Seed Business Unit with responsibilities for all activities related to its broad seed portfolio of cereals, pulses and special crops. In addition, Brent has oversight responsibilities for the marketing and communications of the company. He's been an active volunteer in the seed industry, as well as AITC-M for many years, and looks forward to giving back to the industry by supporting #ageducation through his role on the board and engaging with studentss. 

Jennifer is an experienced Agronomist who has worked in various Agronomist roles and has focused her career in specialty crops within the Agri-Food Processing sector. Jennifer has a deep respect for the work that growers do and this has expanded by working on her husband’s family farm in Notre Dame de Lourdes growing cash crops and raising cattle. She takes great pride in promoting our Industry and the work that farmers do and would be thankful for the opportunity to be a part of AITC-M Board.

Congratulations and we look forward to working with this new board!