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Seed Survivor

A plant nutrient classroom on wheels!

Students inside of Seed Survivor trailer

Nutrien's Seed Survivor mobile classroom is returning spring 2024!

Seed Survivor is a free, curriculum-based education program that teaches children how to grow healthy plants and where their food comes from. The program tours North America year-round and will only be in Manitoba from April 15 - June 27, 2024.

Seed Survivor Mobile is a truck and trailer unit that arrives at pre-registered schools and children progress through interactive stations. Students spend half the presentation outside the trailer in a guided plant nutrient lesson and half the presentation inside the trailer playing each station. They explore multi-media and virtual reality games, interactive activities, talking walls and much more. A maximum of 30 students can participate in the display at one time and it takes 20 minutes to one hour to complete the activities and presentation (depending on grade level). The 36-foot trailer is handicap accessible and includes an entry and exit door. All participants get to plant a sunflower seed to take home and grow! Last year we planted approx. 100,000 sunflower seeds with students across North America.

Who: Grade 1-6 students, specifically targeted for Grades 3 and 4
When: April 15 - June 27, 2024
Where: Your school
How: Teachers can apply on behalf of their school (see quick tips below)
Time: 1 full school day. A minimum of 4 classrooms/presentations required to a maximum of 6.
Cost: Free
Registration: Closed – Program Full!

Learning Resources

Additional in-class and eLearning activities, games, videos, posters, recipes and more for Grades 1-6 available on Nutrien's Seed Survivor website.

Quick Tips

  • Space requirements: Outdoor 60x30 foot space
  • Safe from traffic
  • No overhanging power lines
  • Entire space must be cleared for parking the unit
  • The display is set-up for the entire day, and we schedule in as many classrooms as possible
  • A minimum of four classrooms will be scheduled (times are adjusted to your school's time periods)
  • 20 minutes to one-hour presentations, depending on grade level
  • A maximum of 30 students can participate in the presentation at one time
  • Teachers must remain present for their class presentation
  • Schools are welcome to request the display for multiple days
  • Students must wear appropriate outdoor clothing
Contact Information

Christine Kulas
Program Coordinator

3 4
Science Social Studies Human Ecology / Food and Nutrition