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Our flagship programs and field trips for teachers and students turn agriculture education into a hands-on adventure.

Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM)

Mois de la littératie agricole canadienne (MLAC)

Volunteer presenting to early years class during Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month

Bring agriculture to life in your classroom every March with Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM). Receive an in-class visit from a farmer or agriculture professional, a hands-on agriculture activity and an agriculture themed book for your classroom. Your students will build stronger connections to the food they eat and develop a deeper appreciation for the role agriculture plays in their lives — at the same time engaging with curricular outcomes. 

Who: Grade 2, 3 and 4 students (Outside these grades? Check out our other programs and resources.)
When: March 2024
Where: Your classroom
How: We match you with a volunteer and you arrange a date and time with your volunteer in March for your presentation
Time: 45-60 minutes
Cost: Free
Registration is now closed for 2024

If your classroom is located in a remote location where there are no volunteers available for an in-person visit, we will arrange a virtual visit for you.

Les visites virtuelles de bénévoles francophones sont disponibles mais ne sont pas garanties (selon la disponibilité des bénévoles).

For 2024, all teachers receive a: 

  • Book (EN/FR): grade-appropriate and focused on building agricultural literacy.
  • Activity (EN/FR):
    • Caring For Our Watersheds (EN/FR). Explore watersheds — what they are, which one your students belong to, how they function and why caring for our watersheds is important. Students will discover what farmers do to keep our water clean and ensure the sustainability of our watersheds and then propose ways that they too can care for their watershed.
      • This activity includes a short video, student activity sheets and a watershed demonstration.
  • Teacher Guide (EN/FR): instructions and curricular connections to help you use the activities in your lessons moving forward.

New to AITC-M?

If you are new to participating in our programs, you will need to first create a teacher profile on Once you have a profile, you will be able to register for CALM. Save your username and password to register for all our programs.

I have taken for granted that kids know about agriculture just because my family and I do. This program is essential!

My students were fully engaged. They asked a million questions and our volunteer was more than happy to answer.

CALM is made possible thanks to financial support from Agriculture in the Classroom Canada and Cargill

Classroom of early years students holding up agriculture books, with a volunteer in a green shirt standing and smiling among them
Young boy holding and looking at a bag of seed
Classroom of students facing the front of the room, where a volunteer is presenting and showing a video
Woman volunteer pointing and showing students a seed bucket
Student hands feeling different types of seed on paper plates on the floor
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