Follow the Farmers is our new virtual farm tour program! Students will have the opportunity to tour local Manitoba farms and engage with Manitoba farmers to learn about where their food comes from right from their classroom!  

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  • links to attend 4 livestream events offered throughout the year that will include a farm tour and a live Q&A with the farmer. 
  • curriculum-based grade 4 & 5 classroom activities to extend students’ learning  

The events are great for grades 3-6. 


Registration will open in the fall for 2022-23!

Topics & Event Dates (2021-22): 

Event 1: Weather to Farm

Join us and Korey Peters, from Herbsigwil Farms in southern Manitoba, to learn about how weather has a direct impact on his ability to grow food. Learn about how Korey uses technology like a weather station and rain probe to make decisions during his growing season.  

Livestream Event Date: 
Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at 1:30 pm 

Classroom Resources & Activities:  

Grade 5 Science Weather Unit:  

  • Weather to Farm Game
    How will weather affect your farm? – dive into weather in this gamified experience! Students will play the role of the farmer and be presented with different weather scenarios, learning about how weather can affect our ability to grow food.  
  • Weather to Farm Teacher Guide

Event 2: Follow the Dairy Farmer 

Explore Signer Dairy and follow farmer, Stefan Signer, to learn about dairy cows and what habitat he creates for his animals. Students will hear about the food, water, shelter, and technology that he uses daily to ensure his cows are healthy and produce high quality, healthy milk.  

Livestream Event Date: 
November 17, 2021 at 1:30 p.m.

Classroom Resources & Activities:  

Dairy Farm Tour Assessment Activity: 

  • Dairy Kahoot!
    Based on information learned in the farm tour, students can join and play a Kahoot! Play live with us during the livestream event, or access on your own and play as a class! 

Grade 4 Science Habitats and Communities Unit: 

  • Design a dairy barn habitat
    Students will create a dairy cow habitat that includes everything dairy cows need to be healthy and well cared for.  


Event 3: Follow the Sheep Farmers 

Harold and Sherry Bosma are excited to welcome you to their sheep farm, Dusty Ridge Ranch. Tour their sheep farm operation and learn about the growth stages of sheep, how they care for their animals with regards to food and shelter, and all that is involved in growing healthy sheep to provide us with healthy food. Plus, kids will learn about wool, why shearing of sheep is important, and how we use wool for fibre!

Livestream Event Date: 
February 15, 2022 at 1:30 p.m. 

Classroom Resources & Activities: 

Grade 4 Science Habitats and Communities Unit: 

  • Sheep Farmer Food Chain Genially
    (online experience) 
  • Sheep Farmer Food Chain 
    (Printable Format) 

Event 4: Follow the Hog Farmers 

Join Manitoba hog farmers, Andrea Elias and Craig Sawatzky, and learn all about how they raise their pigs and work hard to provide healthy meat for our tables. Students will learn about all stages in a pig's growth, their habitat, and the nutrition pork provides us. 

Livestream Event Date
Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 1:30 p.m.

Classroom Resources & Activities: 

Grade 3-6 English Language Arts, Grade 3-4 Social Studies, & Grade 3-6 Science

The 'Exploring Sustainability in the Manitoba Pork Industry: A Classroom Resource' includes:

  • Video Analysis Worksheet 
  • Share the Knowledge Worksheet 

Students will:

  • Analyze and evaluate short videos that explore what Manitoba hog farmers are doing to:
                - be good stewards of the environment
                - be good neighbours
                - provide the best care for their pigs
  • Discover the technology being used and the research being done to constantly innovate and improve pork production in Manitoba.
  • Identify some of the many people and careers involved in producing sustainable, safe, and nutritious pork for Manitobans and people around the world.
  • Share their new pig farming knowledge with others.

Follow the Hog Farmers was supported by Manitoba Pork.


Virtual Farm Tours made possible by the generous support of: