Who: Grade 2 to 6 students

When: March 2022

Where: Your classroom

Time: 30-60 minutes

Cost: Free

Registration: December 2021

Farmers and agriculture professionals throughout MB are trained and volunteer their time to come and tell their story in your classroom with our support. Every year you and your students will engage with a different agriculture story, a new resource and a new book.

Les visites de bénévoles francophones sont disponibles mais ne sont pas garanties (selon la disponibilité des bénévoles).

I have taken for granted that kids know about agriculture just because my family and I do. This program is essential!!!


My students were fully engaged. They asked a million questions and our volunteer was more than happy to answer.


CALM is made possible thanks to financial support from Agriculture in the Classroom Canada Cargill and Corteva Agriscience