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Think Global – Agriculture & Our World

Source: AITC-M

Graphic that shows a laptop and the text Think Global Agriculture and Our World

Welcome to the 'Think Global – Agriculture & Our World'

Remote Student Learning Experience

Please follow the steps below to complete this resource.

Step 1: Play This

  • Play the game at least twice
    • The first time pick one of these continents; Europe, North America, or South America
    • The second time pick one of these continents; Africa, Asia, or Oceania

Step 2: Test Your Knowledge 

Step 3: Complete these questions.

Step 4: Watch This

Step 5: Complete questions 7 and 8, then submit. 
Step 6: Optional: Check out the ThinkAG website


Did You Know?

Agriculture, a foundational industry in Manitoba, Canada and throughout the world, provides many career opportunities requiring diverse interests, skills, and levels of education.

  • There are over 2.3 millon agriculture and agri-food jobs in Canada. Farmers represent only 0.3 million of those jobs.
  • Agriculture is an essential industry that will always employ people now and in the future.
  • There are currently many job vacancies in agriculture and demand for skilled workers is projected to increase by 15% over the coming decade.
  • Agriculture stewards many of our natural resources and is an industry that can provide people with the tools and opportunities to develop solutions for mitigating climate change and improving food security.
Agriculture (General)