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Run a Food Truck

Source: Manitoba Canola Growers


Run a Food Truck teacher guide cover on green and yellow gradient background

This grade 4 Manitoba curriculum connected project aims to not only reinforce real-life math and language skills, but also inspire kids in the kitchen. Although this project has been created to specifically target Grade 4 Manitoba Math and ELA outcomes, it can be used by teachers anywhere!

The specific skills that this project reinforces are:


  • addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • estimation 
  • identifying and adding fractions
  • problem solving
  • time and money
  • graphing and data interpretation


  • use descriptive and persuasive language
  • use online sources to conduct research; manage information and ideas
  • design for a specific purpose and audience 

The link below will take you to Teachers Pay Teachers to download for free. 

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