Agriculture in the Classroom

Staff Members

The Faces of AITC-M

Sue Clayton, Executive Director

I want to help more young people realize that farming is important, understand why they should care where their food comes from and explore the great career opportunities in agriculture.

Qiong (Grace) Wedlake, CPA, CGA, Finance/Admin Manager

Growing up in the city, I had little knowledge about where food comes from, so now I make sure to share the farm-to-food story with my daughter. Every child deserves to know where their food comes from, and AITC-M helps make that happen.

Diane Mauthe, Program Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

Working with AITC-M, I have seen many positive changes in students’ and teachers’ attitudes toward agriculture!  AITC-M plays a huge role in agriculture education and I am very proud to be a part of that and sharing the great news of agriculture.

Karen Hill, Curriculum Specialist

Because of AITC-M, Manitoba students are learning the importance of agriculture in their daily lives, our economy and our environment. That’s powerful and I love being a part of it.

Kira Rowat, Program Manager

I have always enjoyed the element of wonder and problem-solving in agriculture, whether working in the fields of Manitoba, urban gardening plots in Ottawa or food security in Zambia. It is rewarding to be able to work with AITC-M, in providing a unique, hands-on agricultural education to our students.

Tenesha Lawson, Communications Coordinator and Program Manager

I was raised in the city and had little exposure to agriculture growing up, so I see myself in the students we work with. Every agriculture touchpoint AITC-M makes is crucial in building strong farm to food connections for Manitoba students.