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Planet X

Source: Agriculture in the Classroom-Canada


Planet X Cover Photo

Planet X takes an out-of-this world approach to exploring the many professions within the Agriculture and Food sector. Students will gain an appreciation and knowledge of the multitude of professions that exist within this realm, while also understanding the importance of everyday food production and sustainability to the global population.

Here's the scenario:

The year is 2050, and Earth’s population has topped 9 billion people.

Farmers and agriculture businesses are working hard to increase production of safe and sustainable food, using new technology and innovation. But they face challenges due to climate change and competition for land use. An advanced space exploration program has identified a planet we could use to supplement agriculture on earth: Planet X.

Now, it is time to send some additional professionals who can help address issues and maximize the efficiency and sustainability of the food production on Planet X. As mission specialists, your students are tasked with selecting the best team of Food Production Professionals to travel to Planet X and address the issues. 

Who will they choose, and why?

Planet X Introduction Video - English

Includes introductory video. Also available in hard copy.

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