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Our Food Has a Story with Farmer Will Bergmann

Source: Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba


Farmer Will Bergmann chopping vegetables in kitchen

How is conventional farming different from organic farming?

What is a GMO?

Are chemical pesticides safe?

Is buying local always the best environmental choice?

You had questions about food, so we asked a farmer. Not just any farmer, but Manitoba organic vegetable and conventional crop farmer Will Bergmann.

We brought a camera crew to Will's house to ask him frequently asked questions and see how he produces food to feed the world.

The Our Food Has a Story Teacher's Guide includes pre- and post-viewing activities, links to Will's video, and answers to questions about buzzwords such as organic, conventional, GMOs and GE crops, and topics including pesticides and food safety, consumer choices, and how farmers are stewards of the land.

Our Food Has a Story

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